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Pinned topic Is Fedora / RHEL fundamentally different between x86 and Power?

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I'm looking at Power Linux on RHEL 7 and Fedora and am worried that the two bases (x86 and Power) are very different.    Any advice or insights?

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    Re: Is Fedora / RHEL fundamentally different between x86 and Power?

    Both Fedora and RHEL have the same code base across the different architectures, meaning you get essentially the same distro no matter if you are running it on x86 or Power.
    Specifically in the case of Fedora, you may find a few packages that are a bit older on the Power version compared to x86. That happens when a new package release that works fine on x86 fails to build on Power. Because ppc64 is a secondary architecture on Fedora, that package will be released for x86 and not on Power until the build issue is fixed. Even though these are rare cases, if you ever find one of these cases and you need the newer version of that package, please open a bug on (make sure you select ppc64 in the Hardware field in bugzilla). Also feel free to join the IRC channel #fedora-ppc on Freenode if you have more questions about Fedora on Power.
    Here is the landing page for the Fedora on Power project: