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hello fellow AIX admins,

On some test systems, I sometimes make many change in the network configurations, to the point that, regularly, I reboot a system with a bogus IP config, and meet a situation where my system hangs for a long time at boot (presumably because NFS / rpc services tries to bind to a non existent IP address or something like this).

I don't want to disable NFS launch script on my box, and I'm wondering if you tried to find an elegant workaround for this kind of situation (wrapping nfs launch script in a more clever script ? using something else then the 'wait'  keyword in /etc/inittab ?

So thank you in advance if you can share some tips about this topic :)




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    Re: Avoiding nfs issue at startup


    It sounds like your IP is not static if it keeps changing like you say it does. Better if you comment out the nfs in /etc/inittab entirely. you will get this 'hang' scenario if its got NFS mounts and those NFS servers are unaware of the local IP change.