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Pinned topic Validation using Reset Content Discriptor(RCD)

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I am trying to validate a messages with XSD using RCD but i am not able to do it.

I have created Message Set using the XSD.

Below is the property settings of RCD :

"Basic Tab"

Message Domain :XMLNSC

Reset Message Set :check- yes 

Message Set : message set name

Reset Message Set :Check -Yes


Validation Tab :

Validate : Content and Value

Failure Action : Exception/ExceptionList


Problem i am facing :

When i am sending correct message , the message is getting to OUT terminal of RCD and i can see the message tree.

But when i am sending wrong format , the message is getting to OUT terminal only (which it should not be, it should be going to failure node) and its giving "parse error"  and then it is sent to MQ Output Node and other flow is picking the message and i can see the message tree there.

So its seems like it is validating but not fully or i am not sure what is happening.


Please suggest some thing here, what i maybe missing here.


Thanks in Advance