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Pinned topic HATS Admin Only project cannot view connections from project implementing WEL with custom plugin

‏2014-02-17T03:04:07Z |

I wrote a custom network plug-in for a default transformation project.  I also use a HATS Only Administration project to manage the HATS applications.   When running the default transformation project it works perfectly; however, the HATS Only Administration project cannot view the connections.  I can view the messages log, just not the connections.

I created a test default transformation application to test if the problem was in the HATS Only Administration project, but it saw the connections just fine. Therefore, I decided to build that test application one step at a time to see if I could pinpoint when it broke.  I followed the instructions from the Web Application Programmers Guide on Incorporating Java code from other applications,

  1. Added a custom business logic class like the WEL application, but when deployed, everything worked perfectly.
  2. I imported the custom network plug-in into the EAR file, then deployed and tested.  Everything worked perfectly.
  3. I next updated the MANIFEST file to enable the custom network plug-in, then deployed and tested.  Everything worked perfectly.
  4. Next I update the Build Path as documented in step 2, then deployed and tested.  This is where things broke.

I tried reversing the step 4 above, but the I still cannot view the connections.

Is step 4 really necessary?  Removing the build path information does not resolve the problem once it occurs.