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‏2013-09-04T17:16:51Z | disk failed pool

Hi all,

We have a Storage DS3500 with 12 drivers with 2 controllers, and a EXP3500 with 6 drivers with 1 controller.

We have one disk pool with 4 Logical Drivers in this scenario.

Logical Drive 0

Logical Drive 1

Logical Drive 2

Logical Drive 3

The communication between the DS3500 and EXP3500 lost and the Disk Pool crash.

Anybody know how i recover the disk Pool? I failed all the drivers of EXP and revive, but only the status of Logical Drive 0 is Optimal. The status of Logical Drive 1,2,3 continue Failed.

I attached the Support Data where the Disk Pool crashed.

Please, help me.


Sorry for my english.

  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: Disk Pool Failed


    You cannot attach an EXP3500 shelf with a single ESM to a dual controller DS3500. Its unsupported and also a very bad idea.


    One of the controllers dont have access to all the disks, so if a lun is failed over to the controller without access to the disks, the lun fails.


    Remove 1 controller from the DS3500 or add another to the EXP3500 and I bet things will start work Again.




  • DanielOhara
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    Re: Disk Pool Failed


    Hi Anders,

    Thanks for answer. I remove 1 controller from the DS3500, but won't work. I remove the controller, reset the controller, fail the disk, revive the disks, but the Disk Pool continue fail.

    Do you have another idea?


  • DanielOhara
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    Re: Disk Pool Failed


    Sorry, but i don't attached the file. What is the size allowed?