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‏2013-09-10T11:15:17Z | "transform" data exception hdfs jaql on performing while

In JAQL Shell
I have a file "testData.json" in hdfs as well as in local ,when tried to read the file

using following cmd
jaql> read(hdfs("testData.json")); // the file is read.

but if I use the below cmd
jaql>read(hdfs("testData.json")) -> transform $;
it throws Exception saying that

" encountered an exception during the evaluation of a statement
originating expression ends at <stdin> (line: 4637, column: 61)
A remote error occured while executing a MapReduce job:

  Task task_201309090905_0035_m_000000 (unknown) failed due to the following reason ( last attempt shown ):
    <Task did not run Jaql. Task may have been killed due to previous errors.> "
for local its giving the expected results and working fine
jaql>read(file("testData.json")) -> transform $.actor.displayName;

Can you please gives some solutions for thee above Exceptions?

thanks in advance....