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Pinned topic Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper V5 – Building a Table of Contents for Moving to the Cloud

‏2010-08-16T20:32:05Z |
 An initial post has been made to start a discussion on the development of the Table of Contents ( TOC) for the Moving to the Cloud iteration of the Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper at (  ). Version 4 of the paper is located at through the site.

Some of the suggestions that have come in for V5 of the paper are as follows :

1 – Sources of workload
  + Datamining
  + Internal applications – such a payroll
  + Managing customer data – Medical records
  + Etc.

2 – Cloud types
  + Alignment to requirements – drives level of security needed
  + Mapping Cloud requirements to security, availability, accessibility, etc.

3 – Regulatory considerations
  + HIPAA, SOX, HIPPA, GLBA, Patriot ACT, ( examples and I am sure that are complementary examples from countries around the world )
  + Industry Standards Organizations standards – ISO, etc.
  + Location of data aligns with government requirements

4 – Types of use of the Cloud
  + Development of new applications
  + Testing of new applications

5 – Availability / Reliability of a Cloud environment
  + Ties back to the Service Level Agreements

6 – Portability of applications
  + From the IT environment to Cloud provider
  + From Cloud Provider A to Cloud Provider B
  + From the Cloud Provider to the IT environment

7 – Workload volumes / Performance
  + Understanding the volumes of data to be transferred / accessed

8 – Disaster recovery
  + Is the Cloud an alternative for disaster recovery?
  + If the Cloud Provider fails, what are the considerations?

These are an initial set of thoughts for topics which may become part of the Moving to the Cloud version of the Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper. Once we have received feedback on the topics, plus added in the new topics for consideration, work will begin on developing the paper at . .

I ask that you input your thoughts on what would be important to you as you would consider “Moving to the Cloud” either on this site or the Cloud Computing Use Cases discussion group site.

Thanks very much