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Pinned topic Developer Cloud beta: new features available

‏2009-12-12T00:19:43Z |
We have made a few really cool additions to the Developer Cloud beta
(also known as the IBM Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud) in the past few days.

You may recall that the beta is a true cloud system that allows you to provision a server or two loaded with IBM Software, or grab a base OS image and load your own software on it.

This Thursday, we've added mountable cloud storage, which makes a fine addition to the "ephemeral" storage space that already comes with your virtual machine instances.  The Cloud storage won't go away when your instance does, and you can attach it to a different instance or mount it across multiple instances.

Second, we've made available the IP address reservation system.  A reserved IP address could be assigned to an instance, or dissociated from it when this instance de-provisions and assigned to a new instance. This is a step on the trajectory of keeping your topologies consistent and applications available.

There are numerous enhancements to the system, from the user interface to the back end.  We hope that you will find the beta more usable, powerful, and stable.

Additionally, we invite you to sample the features that we released in the past several weeks.  There's the RedHat OS image, much requested by the user community, and then there's the documented and comprehensive RESTful API, which allows you to interact with the beta web site programmatically (see some samples here).  We've been working on providing additional documentation for the system and its images as well.  Check out the new How-to Wiki and the Getting Started Guide for the image creators, just to name a few. Or, try the beta and let us know what you think!