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Pinned topic Reporting Problems with Rhapsody

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Try this forum first ! A lot of experienced folks frequent it and will often have a solution for you.

If you are sure that the problem is a defect in Rhapsody then open a ticket as described below. For enhancement requests instead use the IBM Software RFE Community site:

To report an issue with Rhapsody - follow this link:

Under Open a Ticket, click Hardware and Software Products

You will need a logon - if you don't have one or need help then email:


IBM Support


Click New Service Request

New Service Request

Click I am having a problem with software


Enter Rhapsody into the search filed and then select the version of Rhapsody you are having problems with:


Select your customer no (if you don't know what that is then speak to your IT dept or email

customer no


Supply all the required information and upload any logs or screenshots that might help and submit the ticket

You can view the status of all the tickets you've submitted by going back to the homepage, selecting Service Requests --> Tickets from the menu, and then selecting View my requests in the Quick search selector:

my requests


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    Re: Reporting Problems with Rhapsody


    I am using nested proxy ports for the first time.  The nested port, as expected, shows up underneath the block.  However, when I put a proxy port into the nested proxy port it just shows up in a generic folder called Proxy Ports in the Interface Package.  ???