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Pinned topic Sofwares for InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition?

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I'm new to IBM MDM. I'm learning InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition. I'm trying to install as per bootcamp material mentioned in the learner portal. But I could found those version in software access catalog.  Could anybody can advice me can what  eAssembly Part No i can download or lower version(V9.7.0) also should be fine. 

You help greatly appreciated.

1.IBM Initiate workbench

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    Re: Sofwares for InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition?


    Your questions pertains Initiate MDS, Master Data Service while the forum is for MDMCE. These are two distinct offering under IBM MDM porfolio. MDS cleanses customer/patient data while MDMCE is a platform for having a single source of truth for product information management.

    As for your direct request, I would recommend searching for and downloading the latest fix pack for 9.7 or prior versions which are still support. To do so, refer to the following links and search by version and keyword:

    Passport advantage site to download:
    Directions on how to navigate the site: