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In 2006, I used Rational and an EGL Developer plug in to assist converting Informix / 4GL (mostly batch) programs to EGL.  The project  went live successfully.  The team did an enormous amount of manual work to adjust the Rational created EGL code to operate correctly (which we expected)

1. Can anyone tell me if the 4GL to EGL Rational tooling even exists today and any other details.  (In the  Rational Business Developer?)

2. Can anyone point me to a 4GL to EGL knowlable person?

If you have any experience or even ideas how one might convert 4GL programs to EGL (or anything else), please let me know.  I'd like to chat (there is a potential opportunity I'm help to examine).

Is anyone using EGL to convert other programming language apps to EGL apps?


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    The EGL technology is now contained in the Rational Business Developer product.   There have been several releases of RBD/EGL since 2006...with the latest two being RBD V9.0.1 and V8.5.1.1.    I recently heard that is better for the I4GL type capability.

    Related to the I4GL to EGL conversion, this has been a little used part of the product.  Therefore, there are not any specific I4GL knowledgeable people at this point in the EGL lab or the services teams that I am aware of.   In fact, as of RBD/EGL V9.0, we have deprecated all of the I4GL related capability (the conversion tools, the unique language elements such as Rich Client Platform support, Console UI, etc) given the lack of usage and need to utilize resources on other more strategic parts of the product.

    Since 2006, the focus in EGL has not been on the I4GL Conversion.  The Informix lab has created its own followon called Informix Genero which I have been told is a good fit for I4GL conversions.  You may want to look at this.

    There are several languages that can be and have successfully been converted to EGL through the use of Business Partner tools.  This includes languages such as RPG, COBOL, CA (Cool)Gen, Natural, Ideal, VisualAge Generator, and CSP.

    If you have further, more detailed questions, please feel free to contact me offline at

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    Re: 4GL to EGL conversion



    If anyone is interested in how to convert PowerHouse 4GL to RPG backend and EGL frontend give me a call.