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I want to set different values to the same parameters of two different calls of the same operation on one sequence diagram. I use "Argument" property of message. Problem is that "in" and "out" parameters are listed in both "in" and "out" message signatures. How can I make "in" parameters were listed only in "in" message signature and "out" parameters were only listed in "out" message signature?
Also some times I need to set only part of input or output parameters. But on the diagram all parameters are allways listed. How can I show on the diagram only some of the input or output parameters? For example, we have two optional input parameters par1 and par2 in some operation. I want to show on the diagram call of this operations with only one input parameter. How can I do it?
Thank you!
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    Re: RSA Sequence Diagram method argument setting


    Hi Igor,

    There quite a few options to change the way the message are displayed in the sequence diagrams. Go under Window->Preferences->Modeling->UML Diagrams->Sequence and Communication.
    I have attached a screenshot of the preference page from RSA 9.0.

    I would advise to see if there are settings that would allow you to only see what you want although I believe you may not be able to get the level of granularity you are looking for.



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