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I have two Linux servers on which C:D is installed. I want to transfer a file from server(abc20) to abc19.

I have edited userfile.cfg & netmap.cfg on both the server still file transfer is not happening. Also the file is getting transferred from abc20 to abc20 itself but not on remote abc19.  I am getting belwo error: XSMG242I Create user profile - sdsc_create failed. It seems that I am missing somthing in cfg files. Can you please let me know what basic thing i need to add in in both servers .cfg files.

C:D admin user: cdirect     local application user: rst      I want to use rst user for file transfer not cdirect.  I have attached the cfg file for both the servers so please let me know what changes I need to do so that I can transfer file from abc20 to abc 19.  Also abc20 & abc19 are used as node names. This is very simple example but still not able to workout as I am new to this.
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    Re: XSMG242I -Create user profile - sdsc_create failed -

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    Hi !

    Last time that I dealt with this issue was because I didnt have the user defined in userfile.cfg in one of the nodes.

    Does the sentence rst@* works in usercfg.cfg ??

    when I have this error it is always a missing definition in any cfg ...


    Also ... if you are using secure+ ... I always do a resync the secure+ with netmap to update any change to the trusted nodes ..


    Alan Glait