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‏2013-09-16T12:07:35Z | sql

Could I ask if it is possible to use IBM Endpoint Manager and SQL Express 2008 for small deployment with 300 endpoints? Thank you for your answer.

I plan to install TEM for Lifecycle Management for 300 endpoints (very small deployment) and I woud like to use Windows platform. Unfortunately DB2 is supported only for RedHat so I need to know if there is a problem with SQL Express. I know there is limitation on SQL server, but it is important to me for this small deployments with ONE TEM administrator?

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    Re: TEM and SQL Express 2008 / 2012


    You can try, but I think one day you will have problems with this kind of a setup. While IEM will work with various SQL express versions initially, once you start scaling in endpoints and operators you start running into performance bottlenecks. People usually only use the express versions when they want to do a quick POC or eval.

    Plus, once you grow past 300 endpoints and more than one operator, you'll have to migrate to a full version of SQL (although this is possible, see: