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Pinned topic EventReader picking up events but policy not processing them

‏2013-09-30T05:44:06Z | eventreader impact netcool policies


I have an event reader which is picking up events (since the event reader log shows Read and New Read), however, these events are not getting processed by the policies. The log of the policy doesn't update, indicating that the policy is not processing the events and the desired output of the policy also isn't obtained. There is no error that comes in the log of the policy. The event reader log shows that the same events are picked up over and over again every time it reads the database.

Also, when the server is restarted (which seems to be a solution to almost any abnormal behaviour, although temporary), the policy begins to process these events. However, after a few minutes the same problem occurs again.

Please help us find a solution to this.

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