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Pinned topic creating a threshold in SM AI

‏2013-08-30T12:52:27Z |

Each data source comes with its predefined set of thresholds, but most likely customer will desire to add new.

Now end user can do so if he/she knows the ITM attribute group and attribute name.

This is somehow putting back the ITM complexity in the scenario.

Customer will ask to create/modify a threshold straight from any graph in the detailed dashboards: "I see a graph for CPU usage and then with a right click I want to operate on threshold defined on that metrics". That way the attribute group and name will be pre-filled, and we don't ask customer to know them any more


Enrico Vannini

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    Re: creating a threshold in SM AI


    Noted.  The problem is that the AI user interface exposes just a handful of metrics.  There are many, many more on which thresholds can be created.