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Pinned topic Use DB2 Express-C CLI to connect to database on DB2 ESE on AIX?

‏2013-10-12T20:32:46Z |

I've installed DB2 Express C 10.1 on OS X (10.8).
I was hoping to use the CLI to connect to a remote database on a DB2 server on AIX (probably ESE version).

I was able to catalog the remote node, and catalog the remote database, and connect just fine, but I cannot run any queries (simple SELECT queries).
The error I am getting is:
- SQL0805N  Package "NULLID.SQLC2J23 0X4141414141564962" was not found.

From the information I've been able to find so far, the solution is to bind that package to the database... however I cannot do that.
I have limited, read-only, access to the remote database, and bind requires write access.
(The remote database is also a hadr database).

Is there any way for me to run queries on the remote database from my local CLI?
Is there any alternative client I could use (on OS X)?  (I use SquirrelSQL for some stuff, but would like ability to run EXPORT command)