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Pinned topic rtrt 2003 #define macro expansion

‏2013-07-09T15:47:06Z |

We are using RTRT 2003 as a test tool. While testing, some of the C statements written using macros were not producing the results as expected. After analysis, we found that RTRT is not expanding some of the macros before instrumenting the file. We have replaced these macros with the actual code and executed the tests successfully.

Moreover, we are facing this problem with the macros which are on left hand side of the operator.

The below statement is an example

*M8280_IOP_PDDIR( immrVal ) &=  ~SMC1_TXD;

It works fine if I replace the above statement in the code with the below statement.

*((VINT32 *) ((immrVal) + 0x010D06)) &=  ~SMC1_TXD;


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