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Pinned topic Extending model for Project Milestone (DM2x)

‏2013-10-23T14:18:02Z | milestone model

I am trying to do two things to the definition Project Milestone .  1 - add a property  and 2 - relate it directly to the System

When I do this there is no change in the definition after I load in the usrprops file and then re-open the encyclopedia.  When I open the encyclopedia, then use the File Manager to open the usrprops from the opened encyclopedia I can see the changes that should be reflected on the definition.  I tried to include the Project Milestone symbol in another diagram and got a message saying that is not allowed.  It may be there are restrictions on the Project Milestone.

Has anyone had any similar results in extending the Project Milestone meta model?


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    Re: Extending model for Project Milestone (DM2x)


    Well I found my mistake.  I found that I left out a quote in the code.  But what confused me was when I loaded the usrprops I got no error messages at all.  And  I was able to open the encyclopedia and continue working.

    So I learned to check for syntax carefully.