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Pinned topic Anyone implement multi-instance across datacenters?

‏2016-11-04T18:52:16Z |

We're considering multi-instance across data centers (which are > 50 miles apart).

Anyone implement such a thing?  We're considering using gpfs to handle the file locking.

If you did implement it, any hurdles, troubles, or gotchas that you could share?

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    Re: Anyone implement multi-instance across datacenters?


    We have implemented a multi-instance solution across two data centers which are 10 kilometers across, and it worked fine.

    I assume it will also work with larger distances as long as you ensure that each instance access a file system hosted in the same data center, and you let the storage solution handle the replication between the data centers

    My last project was based on NAS storage running NFS v4 (v4 is critical for MQ multi-instance) with a 10 km distance. My present project is based on GPFS with a 2 km distance

    So yes - it should work