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Pinned topic ATTENTION: CLM Licence expiration September 30th - Your action required

‏2013-09-26T06:28:02Z | certificate clm expiration

Dear CLMS users,

The Client Access Licenses for Rational CLM included in the SCAS CLMS 1.1 offering will expire on September 30, 2013. To ensure continual operation of your CLMS instances, it's imperative that you update your CLMS instances to fix pack.
The update procedure is outlined in the Information Center

It's also advised that you confirm that periodic backups included in the regular server maintenance have been taken successfully prior to executing the update procedure. To do so, log on to the CLMS console as an administrator and go to the "Manage->Server" page. Verify that your server maintenance schedule is displayed as you have configured and the last maintenance window has happened as planned. If you suspect that the regular maintenance is not performed as scheduled, please contact SCAS support before performing any service update to avoid potential data loss.