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Pinned topic Track who ran job/baseline

‏2014-04-14T11:49:34Z |

Hi Guys,

I currently have a fixlet that works, however when i run it as part of a baseline it does not out put all the same headers as when ran as its own task.

Can anyone help me out?

delete __appendfile
appendfile {concatenation "%0d%0a" of (((name of it, value of it) of headers of action) as string)}
move __appendfile "C:\who-built.txt"

We then run a powershell script to parse out the "action-issuer-name" line. But this is not returned when run as a baseline.

These are the headers when run as a baseline:

X-Action-Component-Type, Group SubAction
X-Classify-Subsequent-Relevance, Targeting
X-Success-Criteria, RunToCompletion
x-group-error-policy, AbortOnError
X-Include-In-Group-Applicability, false


There is probably an easier way to do this, but i need some sort of text file created on the server that contains the ID of the person who ran the baseline from the bigfix server.

Anyone any ideas?

  • Showboat
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    Re: Track who ran job/baseline

    ‏2014-04-28T13:04:47Z  in response to Showboat

    Hi all,

    I had hoped there would be an easy way to achieve this and i was maybe over thinking it!


    Is there an easy way to write to a text file on the server who ran a baseline? Nothing in the logs indicates who issued the command from the bigfix server.

    • BrianPGreen
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      Re: Track who ran job/baseline

      ‏2014-05-06T02:54:54Z  in response to Showboat

      You could get the action issuer by using web reports or by using REST api to query relevance (which is just going to use web reports behind the scenes).  Alternatively, you could query the database directly.  Do any of those work for you?

      If one of them does, I can provide more information about how to do it.

      Updated on 2014-05-06T02:55:17Z at 2014-05-06T02:55:17Z by BrianPGreen
  • Showboat
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    Re: Track who ran job/baseline

    ‏2014-05-06T09:48:58Z  in response to Showboat

    Hi Brian, thanks for your reply. I never thought about using the web reports.


    I had a quick look at them and they *almost* give me what i need :(

    I can select the actions and get the baseline i want, but the report returns a total for that action, so if i run a baseline against 20 servers, i dont know the names of those 20 servers... I played around with it and can't seem to find a way to get it to display one line for each server.

    I really only want the baseline name, computer name, operator and time issued.


    I've never heard of the REST api or how to use it.

    I think the db query might be the easiest option, but again i have no idea where to start, we have i think 4 db's (reporting, enterprise, inventory and analytics) in relation to bigfix, each with multiple tables!


    Any help appreciated :)