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Pinned topic Tracker - Display in Content Navigator

‏2013-05-03T18:49:39Z |

Can Tracker be displayed in ICN like it is in workplace XT?

and the 2nd question is how? as I don't see it documented anywhere, is there special ICN plumbing required?

I have a ICN application which displays the workflows but can't get the Tracker tab to display.
I know it's active as If I log into xt with the same user... I can see the tracker inbox no problem

I have seen tracker in screen shots & noted the ICN documentation but no "how to" after reviewing the documentation.

May be simple, but have struggled with the "how-to"?


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    Re: Tracker - Display in Content Navigator


    The tracker that you have in XT is a Java Applet.

    What we have in ICN is going to be a very thin version of it.

    To be able to see it from ICN, you need to go to the Process Config console.

    From there, create an inbasket for the tracker, then add that inbasket to your application space.