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Hi there,

Im facing some issues with a modal dialog component not being recognized. It's composed horizontal "....." and vertical ":" 
What i need to do is transform this popup since whenever y try to do it by default it doesn't look properly.
I appreciate in advance if someone could explain me how to work with dialogs and how they can be modificated/tweaked.

I already read all the information i found in forums and tutorials but couldn't find a solution for this.

Look forward to your kindly reply.

  • tmparker
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    Re: Dialog


    If you are using the default rendering and it's not recognizing the dialog as you want then you need to go into the Project settings and adjust the component settings which recognize the border of the dialog.  It sounds like your dialogs are written in a custom way in your application so you just need to adjust the properties of the project to handle them.  I can't tell you exactly what needs to be changed since I can't work with your exact screen but a few minutes of tweaking should get things working for you.