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Pinned topic RUI and web servcies in same project

‏2013-07-30T14:00:43Z |

I believe when RUI was introduced, web services had to be in a separate dynamic web project from RUI and that later versions lifted this restrictions.  I'm I correct about this?

Also, does a separate project need to be created to be the target for the deploy.

In other words, do I need 3 separate EGL projects for:

  1. Web Services
  2. RUI application
  3. Deployable Web (for WAS)


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    Re: RUI and web servcies in same project

    ‏2013-08-22T08:38:45Z  in response to canutri

    Typically, to put the applications into production environment, an EGL RUI project need to be deployed to a web project(Dynamic Web Project or EGL Web Project) which is java ee compliance so that it can be running under WAS.

    Theoretically, the service provider and RUI client can be deployed to one web project, they both use one fda7.jar (Java runtime) to play the role of Rich UI Proxy and Service Runtime, but it's not the best practice. I suggest to use the 3 separate EGL projects as you mentioned.

    # RUI Application --------deployed to--------> Deployable Web (for WAS)

    # Web Services (Web project for  WAS or Tomcat)