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Pinned topic RAID modification on system X3650 M3

‏2013-10-04T17:30:55Z | m3 on raid x3650

I have a server ibm system x3650 M3 M3 which I installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 with a RAID 10 configuration, I buy a advenced key activation for update  the RAID 5 controller ServeRaid M1015. Is it possible to make the raid 5 on my server without losing the current data (OS, another file etc.)?
Thank you in advance!

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    Re: RAID modification on system X3650 M3


    The closest that I have done is migrate RAID1 to RAID5 on a M5014.

    And no it does not allow migrate using existing disks, unless adding a new disk at the same time.