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Is there a way to see or export the date that a user account was created and/or the user who created that account? I have a script which exports a lot of information about each user account, but that information is not provided. Thanks for any help or advice in advance.

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    That information is not retained.

    You can infer reasonably well when an account was created since it's uniqueID is one greater than the previous user, and you can query password last modified dates to narrow it down.  You could also infer from the 1st date the user logged in.

    You could also have a maintenance string that attaches a "date" field to the user, and sets it if the current date is null.  Run this nightly.

    Who created would be practically impossible, but I would narrow down the date drastically then check out the Login History File and the License Log File to deduce which database admin was logged in at the time.  I'd bang my head multiple times on that then give up.