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Pinned topic ImageIO image corruption on WAS 8.5

‏2013-08-15T17:15:29Z | imageio java websphere

I have a J2EE client/ server app that retreives documents from an IBM Content Manager repository and converts multipage tiff documents into single page tiff documents.  It simply takes the multipage image and extracts each page and writes a new image containing 1 page using the ImageIO classes.  The image is sent to the client using Sockets and a byte array.  The results are as expected when I run the application on a WAS 7.0 ND server and when I run it in RAD 8.5 using a stand alone WAS 8.5 server.  When I run it on a remote WAS 8.5 ND server the first couple of hundred images are fine but after that every image for as long as the application is running is corrupted.  I mean the file itself is viewable and throws no errors when viewed but the actual image is just a bunch of garbled pixels like some spilled water over a freshly printed page.  The remote environment is zLinux running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and WebSphere 8.5.02 ND.  It works just fine on zLinux SUSE 10 and WebSphere 7.0.