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Pinned topic Configure Webseal/TFIM as service provider only

‏2013-11-04T13:25:53Z | provider service tfim webseal

Is there a way to configure webseal to always redirect a user to a single Identity provider to do saml SSO when they try to access a protected resource? Our Webseal/TFIM will always be the service provider.

I could use forms based authentication and have some js automatically redirect the user or I could have some eai module which does the redirect but it seems like this should be a common problem and I should just be able to use configuration to do the job


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    Re: Configure Webseal/TFIM as service provider only


    Acutally - you were on the right track with the login form idea. Really you have two options and you've listed them both.


    Either edit the standard login.html form template and JS your way to the IDP, or use the local-response-redirect option in WebSEAL and redirect from a junctioned app (which would of course need an authenticated-allowed acl attached).