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Pinned topic linking CP Optimizer to Xcode in mac

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Hi everyone,


I've already installed Cplex studio 1251, and Xcode on my mac. I also gave the -lstdc++, -lcp, -lilocplex, -lcplex, -lconcert, -lm linker flags as well as cplex, cpoptimizer and concert libraries addresses in "library search paths" and "header search paths". However, I receive tons of errors.


The most important one is that it does not find <ilcp/cp.h> that is included in the first line of the code of the coloring problem example in cpoptimizer.


Could you help me out with that please? Should I add any other flags or is anything missing?





  • rdumeur
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    Re: linking CP Optimizer to Xcode in mac


    Dear Hossein,


    Please check that the include directories (-I) are correctly given to the compiler.

    Example makefiles provided in the distributions should be a good starting point (ls $INSTALLDIR/cpoptimizer/examples/*/*/makefile)

    I hope this helps.