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Pinned topic Exporting isolated files on an export file

‏2013-12-27T18:23:12Z |

Hi everyone,

I am actually working on a capabilities specification for a client that recently bought DataPower and my team and I found out that we actually don't know about a way of specifying an isolated file (for example a common functions stylesheet) to be included in an export file using the WebGUI's export tool.

Although we are obviously able to download that file and upload it using either the WebGUI or WAMC to DataPower's files system, our client is asking us for a way to keep everything together without having to perform more than one export procedure.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?




  • HermannSW
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    Re: Exporting isolated files on an export file

    ‏2013-12-27T22:04:47Z  in response to sgb90

    Hi Sebastion,

    > Does anyone know how to achieve this?
    I know only an "ugly" solution for this, but better than nothing (if "export all local files" is no option):

    • add a dummy rule to a service being part of the export
    • make sure it never gets executed [eg. by placing after a match all, or match by XPath "false()"]
    • for each file you want to get exported add a fetch action to that rule referencing the file


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