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Pinned topic Can FileNet with CSS support text-searchable TIFF images?

‏2013-10-11T15:20:06Z | cbr css p8

We have a P8 v5.1 system that includes IBM Content Search Services. We are about to migrate millions of TIFF documents from IBM CM. These external images also comprise corresponding text-searchable keywords, so we would like them to be included during the import, and associated with the TIFFs.

We have checked the P8 documentation. IBM CSS uses "Oracle Outside In" for text filtering. The Oracle documentation suggests that TIFF files are supported, however the Infocenter suggests that TIFF files are ineligible for text filtering.

Converting to text-searchable PDF has been considered, but this is very much a last resort, as it requires a lot more effort, and the migration time increases the timescales beyond an agreed delivery date.

If TIFF is not supported, are there any potential workarounds?