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Pinned topic DOORS DB Unique Identifier

‏2016-05-19T23:44:21Z |

Each DOORS database has a unique identifier.

If a project is archive/restored to the same database then it will re-apply access controls.

If a database is copied it will have the same DB ID.

Is there any way to change the DB ID?

Would DOORS ever change the DB ID for any reason?


If we split a database DB1 so some project are in DB1 and some are in DB2 it can be done by either copying the whole database DB1 to be DB2 and deleting some projects from each or creating a new database DB2 and archive/restoring some projects from DB1


In order to retain discussions copying the whole database would be the only option.

Is there any issues with running 2 DOORS Databases on the same network (and the same server hardware) which have the same DB ID?

I am thinking in the future we may want to have DWA and I think DWA can be configured to publish more than 1 database (?). But would DWA maybe have problems if the 2 DB IDs were the same?


  • Mike.Scharnow
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    Re: DOORS DB Unique Identifier


    Hi Sean,

    Unfortunately I do not have the technical details at hand, but in general you are right:

    Without DWA it is no problem to have two databases with the same DB ID on one server. With DWA the ID becomes much more important as it will be part of the Requirement URLs.

    (The same problems might occur also if you use OSLC or external links)


    The DB ID will normally not be changed. Well, there is this strange case mentioned at https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/forums/html/topic?id=77777777-0000-0000-0000-000014246669 but this should usually not happen.

    Although changing the DB ID is officially not supported by IBM, it can be done. One of my customers had to do it as he copied the productive database to a test database and got into trouble when he introduced DWA. The DOORS Support guys could tell him which steps had to be taken in order to change the DB ID.So, you better contact them directly. You should do that before you install DWA, after that it will become more difficult.



  • DoorsXLAustralia
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    Re: DOORS DB Unique Identifier


    Hey Mike.

    I saw that other thread and the bug in 7.1

    I also think I figured out the change required to the config file in the DB but following further discussions today we no longer need to copy the database. We are going to create a new DB so we won't need to run 2 DBs with the same ID.



  • Saltarelli.R
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    Re: DOORS DB Unique Identifier


    Even if you don't seem need more this Database duplication with the same DB Unique ID, I thinks that only one use-case can justify to duplicate a base with the same ID (1 DB is the replication of the main DB, but no modification will be done). In all other case, it is not recommended to duplicate the database and set the same UID.

    Use-Case definition: As DB stakeholder, I want deploy a version of my DB (eg. in a disconnected area) that replicate the master image of the DB. To simplify the data integrity management, I want that the DB will be perfect image of the master reference. By this way the data integrity management could be manage by diff checking of data archive files.