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Pinned topic Too many report requests and too little time? Get DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration!

‏2014-04-07T16:38:22Z | acceleration blu computing db2 in-memory reporting

Learn more about this next-generation in-memory computing technology at the all new microsite.  

BLU Acceleration in DB2 is in-memory computing technology that can save you time when it comes to setting up an ever-increasing number of requests for data reporting.  It's load and go simple -- no tuning, no tweaking.  It lets you set the report up quickly and get back to higher value tasks and more interesting projects.  

If you are a DB2 customer already, you simply upgrade to DB2 10.5 to take advantage of this new technology.  

Find out what makes BLU Acceleration the next generation of this technology, where to download it and what your peers are saying.