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Pinned topic Separate JVM for Cognos and WAS

‏2013-10-17T14:15:21Z | cognos jvm websphere

On the installation guide, it says "When possible, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence must be installed in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) instance that is separate from the application server admin processes to isolate both IBM Cognos BI and the administrative functions of the application server."

Does it mean, when I deploy into WAS(build the ear/war file, and have websphere run it), Cognos and Websphere should NOT share the same JAVA_HOME. In fact, DO NOT setup JAVA_HOME. Is this correct?

If my Cognos BI server and WAS are installed on the same box, there should be no JAVA_HOME? Instead, they need to run on their out of the box JREs?