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‏2013-04-22T10:18:36Z | is not properly quorum working


We came across a scenario in SCWAS where Quorum is not working properly.

My scenario is - In my pattern there are two machine where one is leader and another one is slave.

As per my understanding if we are deleting the leader, the new machine which is coming up must be the slave and existing machine (slave) should get the quorum as true(leader).


But as per our observation, when leader is deleted and ip of the machine which is coming up is same as that of previous leader, then the new machine is getting quorum as true (rather it should be false).


On the contray, when we get the different ip from that of previous leader, quorum is working fine for both leader and slave.

Appreciate if anybody can help on this.



Sheetal Chavan

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    Re: Quorum is not working properly


    So what external impact do you see because of this?