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‏2013-05-10T14:44:12Z | db2 udf v7r1


I installed IBM Data Studio 3.2 (Windows) and connected to DB2 for i V7R1.
I cannot find a way to manage user-defined functions.
As they appear  under Data Explorer, I can't import, nor create, them under Data Development Project.
At the same, there is no UDF group inside Data Development Project. Only Stored Procedures.

IBM Data Studio 3.2
System: System i V7R1
Database: DB2 for i V7R1
Driver: AS/400 Toolbox for Java (jt400.jar)

Any help is appreciated

Best Regards,
Marko Simic

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    Re: Data Studio 3.2 + User-Defined Functions



    User-Defined Functions for DB2 for i isn't support by Data Studio 3.2. You can keep on the announcement of Data Studio updating.