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Pinned topic Lock-waits threshold for OPM 5.2

‏2013-04-30T15:03:10Z |

OPM 5.2 sends out Lock-wait alerts, but when I login to the database I don't see any lock-waits on the target database

Even the owner and requestor application id shown in the alert are not active on the database

I have set the lock-wait threshold to 3 seconds on OPM 5.2, Is there any recommended value I need to set to avoid these alerts

Please advise

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  • KaranKaruppiah
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    Re: Lock-waits threshold for OPM 5.2

    ‏2013-10-04T18:08:04Z  in response to ENW4_Sri_Lingamaneni



    Thanks for asking this question.

    Apologies for the late response.

    I am not sure still you are running into this issue? or did you fix this issue by opening a PMR?

    If you are still running into this issue please let me know. I need to collect some data for which I may request you to open a PMR.



    Karan - OPM Development.