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Pinned topic Is it possible to change the shape of a lifeline-head?

‏2014-03-11T16:51:47Z |

I am developing a UML Profile for annotating sequence diagrams with security risk information. Thanks to a detailed guideline on authoring profiles in IBM RSA ( ); I managed to implement my profile.

However, I have encountered a problem which I cannot find a solution to.

My question is simple. In my UML Profile, I have a stereotype called Threat. Stereotype Threat extends metaclass Lifeline. I have defined an Icon and a Shape Image for stereotype Threat. The Icon is a 16x16 png file. The Shape Image is a 50x50 png file. I used these dimensions as suggested by IBM: .

When I apply stereotype Threat on a lifeline, I see that the small icon in the Project Explorer is changed to the icon I defined for Threat. However, inside the sequence diagram, the lifeline is still rectangular and the shape does not change to the Shape Image I defined for stereotype Threat.

Is it possible to change the shape of a lifeline-head using the Shape Image defined for a stereotype? If not, are there any suggestions for how I may do this?

I am using IBM RSA Version: iFix1

Thank you very much in advance!

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