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Pinned topic Information Governance Expert and Author Sunil Soares to present a “Data Governance" tutorial on Sunday November 3, 2013

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For Big Data and other applications, managing the organization's data from creation to disposal is essential. The risks and consequences can be huge, including legal, compliance, and marketplace impacts, higher costs and missed opportunity. In Big Data applications, governance needs may extend to social media, sensor data and other sources, where you must understand the source and authenticity of the data that will be used for decision making.

Join Information Governance expert and author Sunil Soares for a Data Governance with InfoSphere all-day tutorial at the Information on Demand conference on Sunday November 3, 2013. Sunil brings to this session years of experience with customers on six continents and in multiple industries.

Sunil will explain the data governance process in-depth, suggest options for getting started, provide ways to organize to manage all this data and explain how to leverage IBM InfoSphere to manage the process.

More information and registration: If you are already registered, call the Registration and Housing line at 800-227-4374or 770-359-659 to add this tutorial to your conference pass.

Learn more about Sunil Soares at: