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Hi - we have been trying without success to find a definitive answers to the following questions:

1) Whether v6.3.3 agents are installable on the list of hardware types below or whether v5.x is the latest version we can use?

2) What SNMP MIBs go with these hardware types and where we can find them?

xSeries 345 8670-51X
xSeries 345 8670-61X
xSeries 345 8670-M1X
xSeries 3550 7978-KTG
xSeries 3550 M3 7944-KLG
xSeries 3650 7947-ZP1
xSeries 3650 7979-71Y
xSeries 3650 7979-KWG
xSeries 3650 M2 7947-52G
xSeries 3650 M2 7947-WEN
xSeries 3650 M3 7945-D2G
xSeries 3650 M3 7945-KLG
xSeries 3650 M3 7945-KMG

Can anybody help?




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    Re: Agent/MIB Help


    1.  To find out what models of IBM Systems were tested and are supported by this version of IBM Systems Director (ISD), you need to refer to the ISD InfoCentre, here:

    The InfoCentre always contains such information, so make use of it for preparation and installation of ISD.

    If your hardware model is not directly supported by ISD 6.3.3 release, then older versions of agents will most likely do so, therefore, you may need to install these older agents and have the latest ISD 'meet them half way', as ISD 6.3.3 is backwards compatible.  Please check all this with the InfoCentre and with IBM ServerProven pages.

    2.  SNMP MIB files are actually available when you install ISD itself - search for *.MIB in the location where you installed it.  This vast list of MIBs covers large aspects of IBM Systems, including your hardware models.


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