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Pinned topic A Table With Multiple Data Sources

‏2013-11-25T23:44:13Z | rpe

I am trying to create the attached table that uses multiple data sources. I am having problems with the placement of the Data Source Configuration element and the queries. I can make a single column work but not multiples. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: A Table With Multiple Data Sources


    Hew Lew,


    if you are trying to have 1 DS per column and have each entry on a separate row like I printed below then that's something you cannot do in RPE as in RPE you can only iterate vertically in a table on rows. Depending on the size of your data you could however make this "join" in memory in a variable and then iterate on that variable's contents.


          | DS1                    | DS2                | DS3

    1   | rec 1 in DS1      | rec 1 in DS2  | rec 1 in DS3

    2   | rec 2 in DS1      | rec 2 in DS2  | rec 2 in DS3