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‏2014-03-07T13:25:28Z |

Hi Group

Do I understand it correctly that when I build a multilevel DLL application I need to IMPORT definition side files from all modules below the top one in the LINK step, and not just from the directly underlying level?

If that is so then which procedures or tools are recommended to manage that in a large, complex system?

I am using Enterprise COBOL V4.2 for z/OS. And I am not using old fashioned dynamic linking, but DLL's. So I need SYSDEFDS files or some other way to add IMPORT statements to the calling programs.

Best rgds, Michael Erichsen Xact Consulting

PS: I have posted this in the LinkedIn Group without success.

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    Re: COBOL Multilevel DLL


    Hi Michael,

    Although you could simply replace the traditional application DYNAM usage with DLL, that's not an intended application architecture for DLLs. DLLs usually statically bind a number of related functions into a single package, with some (or all) of those functions EXPORTed for external use. A DLL caller needs to include only the sidedeck(s) of the directly called DLL(s) its bind.

    If you've simply substituted DLL for DYNAM, then you probably end up with a management headache. You could simply include all the application's sidedecks in each bind as the function names will be unique, but I'm not sure at the moment what happens when a DLL is bound with its own sidedeck.