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Pinned topic IDMT with Netezza target does not escape backslashes in the data

‏2013-06-25T21:16:12Z |

When using IDMT with Netezza as the target, the IDMT selects the pipe character as the column delimiter, and properly escapes a pipe symbol in the source data with a backslash.  However, it does not escape backslash characters in the source data with another backslash.

For example,  a column with the string "Embedded\Pipe" becomes "Embedded\|Pipe", but "Embedded\Backslash" is unmodified rather than "Embedded\\Backslash".

The undesirable result is that when nzload is called with -escapechar '\' so that the embedded pipe symbols are properly handled any backslash in the data is considered an escape character.

Does anyone know of a workaround for this behavior?



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