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Pinned topic How to Skip Authentication in AAA??

‏2013-04-17T13:35:56Z | aaa


I am trying to skip authentication in AAA, for that i selected in how to extract user's identity from an incoming request, but it is not there any way to skip authentication step? since i want to do only authorization.

Kindly advice ASAP, tnx in adv...

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    Re: How to Skip Authentication in AAA??


    The identity token in "Pass Identity Token to the Authorize Step" has an implication to a specific EI selection type, and I can't remember off the top of my head which ones they are, but you've probably chosen an EI that isn't one of them.  You'll need to write a custom authentication xsl that outputs your "passthru" credentials, eg <username><xsl;value-of select="<somexpath from your EI input>" /></username>.  The custom AU xsl if it outputs ANYTHING, then you pass AU and that value will be available to your AZ step.