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Pinned topic Consume EGL SOAP service from BIRT report

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Hi All,

Has anyone had success creating a BIRT report (I'm using BIRT 2.6.2 from Rational v8.5) using a Data Source which consumes an EGL generated SAOP service?  The web service I'm using is working fine in an EGL RUI application, but I want to use it in a BIRT report.

Oddly enough, I have a working report which I did while killing some time one evening.  But I am unable to recall how I did it.  I've tried several time before without success, so when I did create this report last July I thought I would have saved some notes at least as to what I did differently.

Any attempt to re-create the report fails, although it does call the web service as I seen by my WAS console.  There's just no data returned in the BIRT Data Set.



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  • PengFeiYu
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    Re: Consume EGL SOAP service from BIRT report

    ‏2013-11-20T05:58:03Z  in response to canutri

    Hi Daron,

    I attached a tutorial for creating BIRT report in EGL, please check it. This tutorial is targeted on RBD v7.5.x, for more precise information, please refer to the RBD info center, for example:

    I also attached a sample created by RBD v8.5 and Tomcat v6, hope that's helpful for you.

    • TestService: EGL SOAP service project which is running on Tomcat v6.
    • TestBIRT: EGL BIRT project that consumes the SOAP service. Note that the data source is "script-data-source" in "report.rptdesign".

    I'd suggest to open PMR to RBD support team if you still have detailed problem on EGL BIRT.

    Thanks & Regards

    • canutri
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      Re: Consume EGL SOAP service from BIRT report

      ‏2013-11-20T13:37:28Z  in response to PengFeiYu

      Thanks for the response.  However, my current need is not to consume the EGL SOAP service using EGL, but rather directly from BIRT as a web service data source.  With the exception of a few initial BIRT reports using EGL scripted data sources, we build all our BIRT reports (open source BIRT and commercial Actuate iServer) using data sources connecting to our databases.

      My current demand is to modify our product "Conformance/Analysis Certificates" with product performance Q/A data across multiple databases and several tables.  The products components determines which database/table the data will be found in.  This was getting quite complex in BIRT using database data sources and much of the data needs to be aggregated prior to rendering the report such that out of conformance specifications can be highlighted and certificate marked as requiring Q/A review (as the problem usually is an incorrectly recorded Lot # and not an product that fails to be in spec.)

      I'm Using an EGL web service to gather the correct data from the many sources and aggregate it and return an array of Product Lot #'s and the associated performance specifications.  I'd prefer to consume the EGL SOAP web service directly in the BIRT report as opposed to converting the report to use a scripted data source from a EGL BIRT Handler.

      To that effect, I was hopeful someone here has had success consuming an EGL SOAP web service directly in the BIRT report designer when defining a web service data source and its associated data set.

      I have sought help on the BIRT community forum for help without much success.  As an Actuate customer with paid support, I've also requested help there, but that is taking some time to get positive results.

      Thank you,