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Pinned topic Max View Columns and dxl

‏2014-08-12T15:58:44Z |

Has anyone noticed that DOORS doesn't allow dxl to insert more than 32 columns in a view? I am using DOORS and building a module with data from other modules. At the end I want to display more than 32 columns, but when it gets to the 33rd, a dxl error message is generated and the script halts. The message says that the maximum number of columns has been exceeded. But manually I can insert a 33rd column. Does anyone know a way around this in dxl?

- David Bond

  • kourosh
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    Re: Max View Columns and dxl

    ‏2014-08-12T21:43:15Z  in response to David_G_Bond

    I am able to do this in my DOORS client both via dxl and manually. But ONLY when I set the minimum client version to at least in the DOORS database as it is documented in the DOORS readme:

    "The maximum number of columns that you can create in Rational DOORS 9.4 has been extended to 128. You need to set the minimum client version to Rational DOORS 9.4 to enable this functionality."

    When I did not have the minimum client version set, I get a message when I try to add a 33rd column manually that says:
    Maximum number of columns reached for current view.

    And this message when I try with DXL:
    -R-W- DXL: <Line:1> Cannot insert new column: No unused columns

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      Re: Max View Columns and dxl

      ‏2014-08-21T15:56:53Z  in response to kourosh

      I guess this makes some sense.  If you add column 33 with 9.5 and someone with 9.2 loads the view, they may have a problem since there are more columns then that version can concieve of.