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‏2013-07-22T20:34:03Z | active bench; developer html; report work

I have created a HTML file in developer workbench with three reports in it, all Active reports, aligned in a horizontal line.

If I select the Active Report arrow for the report on the far right, the Active report window appears over the report on the left. I have attached a screenshot of what happens. I have circled the Active Report arrow I selected and you can see where the window appears.

I have been creating these HTML files for quite a while. We have recently migrated to v2.1, which is when this issue appeared. 




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    Re: HTML doc/Active Report Issue



    We tried to recreate  this issue with new reports, and also tried to recreate it by migrating them from 1.1.2, but we are unable to recreate it.  Our reports line up horizontally with no issues.  Please open a  PMR for assistance.