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Pinned topic Create Suspect Not working For SDP BSuspect Action Rule

‏2013-11-12T20:53:44Z | mdm-migration


             I am working on setting up the OOTB SDp for version 10.1. A1 suspect and C suspect rule workes fine.I see some issues with the OOTB B Suspect action rule.

B Suspect Action Rule calls the creatSuspect txn passing in the TCRMSuspectBObj.At this point since the incomming record is new it does not have a party id or cont id for that object.TCRMSuspectBObj is set only with suspect cont id party ID seem to be null.

Create Suspect internally calls getsuspect transaction for which party id(cont id) and suspect cont ID is a required field.The transaction fails with read error after disabling the validations.


I would like to know how I can get the party ID for the incomming data that is still not persisted on MDM db and pass it in the rule to get the txn to work.Could you please help me with this.

Attaching the debug log for reference.