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‏2017-12-18T19:32:51Z |

Hi All,

I'm using the Integration Object (File method) to import data into the Space BO. I created the Data Map properly but my records are not importing because of the following error:

"Could not get recordId for smartSection[triCurrentSpaceClass] on row[1], column[6] with value[3]. Record was not saved."

Even though I select the Smart Section filter and map it to triNameTX the Integration Object fails.  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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  • AK88
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    Re: Integration Object - Space - Smart Section


    triNameTX is used twice as the external mapping. Was that done on purpose or are you mapping a different field into the smart section?

  • Tim_Jackson_theOnly
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    Re: Integration Object - Space - Smart Section


    Try creating a cst field on the BO and mapping it there. Also - you'll need the full hierarchy path and not just the target record from the association. 

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